Kitten Galllery



 Cherris boys
              2012 Kitten Gallery
 Phoebe and Isla & Kittens. Oct 12

                Our Grand daughters Phoebe and Isla
                       having cuddles with the kittens


Encore Cats Geno x Cheham Pure Illusion 

                                   Born July 2012



Lulus mink male 2

Lulus brown tabby Aug 12
Blue Mink Tabby Male Brown Tabby Male
Lulus girl aug12


Lulus cp boy aug 12

Blue Mink & White Tabby Female Seal & White Tabby Colourpointed Male
 lulus two mink kittens  This photo shows the two Mink kittens colour a little better








Four weeks old in the photos below

Florences blue sepia female aug 12



Florences brown sepia male

Blue Sepia & White Tortie Female Brown Sepia Male



 Florences brown sepia classic tabby female

Florences mackeral tabby female 12

Brown Sepia & White Classic Tortie Tabby female Brown Sepia & White Mackerel Tortie Tabby female
Florences Blue Tortie Aug 12




Florences brown sepia tortie

Blue Tortie Tabby & White female Brown Sepia & White Tortie female



Our 'Dr Quinn' Litter 

 Cinnamons kittens

5 boys in the litter

 From left:

Cheham Cloud Dancing
Cheham Preston
Cheham Cassidy
Cheham Byron Sully
Cheham Hank

 All kittens are now with their families in their new homes and have settled in beautifully - 
photos will follow as they mature




Our Lion King Litter

Bambi & kittens 2  Bambi and kittens April 2012
Tortie Back view img_7965
Cheham Narla - Dominant Tortie and White female  
 img_7514 img_7515
 Cheham Lion King - Red & White Tabby Male  Cheham Kiara - Dominant Tortie Tabby


Little Mo (x Geno) had her kittens on 1st March 2012. 

Mo and kittens - Mar 2012



Tortie - 1 - 6th April           


 8 weeks old 

Brown tabby with toys - April 2012

Cheham Huckleberry Flynn - Brown Tabby & White

Cheham Mark Twain - Seal & White Colourpoint Tabby Cheham Mark Twain
Tortie standing up. April 2012




Cheham Miss Issippi - Dominant Tortie and White







All  three kittens are reserved and will be going to their new homes at the end of May 2012


Stop Press: The kittens went to their new homes and have all settled in beautifully.

three kittens on a scratcher