Our Girls - 2017


Our Girls    
Our girls and their lines are DNA tested clear for PKD & the known Ragdoll HCM gene.


Indigo Rags Cinnamon  
Cinnamon Jan 14





Cinnamon feb11

Cinnamon was our first foundation RagaMuffin Queen to arrive from California in March 2009.  She was bred by Jeanne Farrington and is a beautiful Dominant Tortie Tabby.  She has the most loving and affectionate temperament, is outgoing and confident and has proved to be a wonderful mother producing beautiful kittens who mimic her in looks and affection.

We would like to thank Jeanne for such a wonderful addition to our family and introduction to the RagaMuffin breed.


When I first saw this photo I knew that this kitten just HAD to come and live with us here in the UK!!!
Rivendell Liberty




Libby Feb 2011


Brown & White Tabby
Libby arrive in 2011 and has proved to be a perfect addition to our household.
She is just everything we could have wanted and is just another perfect example of this wonderful breed. Large walnut eyes, the puffiest of whisker pads and the sweetest of expressions. She is full of character and mischief.
Sadly her breeder, Judi Morrison, founder breeder of the RagaMuffin in the USA, passed away in June so we are blessed to have one of her beautiful cats.
Libby has now been spayed 


Cheham Cherubin

      Cherri 2 Jan 14   Cherri Jan 14

Brown Tabby & White

Encore Cats Percy (imp) x Encore Too Heavens Sent (imp)

 Cherri is a beautiful brown tabby and white. She has the softest, sweetest of expressions, large golden eyes and is a loving, friendly girl. She gets on with all of our our cats and has a wonderful nature. 



Valleycat Anais Anais  
Annie Jan 12

Annie is a quiet reserved girl with a wonderful expression. Huge emerald eyes and very distinctive markings with eye liner almost like a Cheetah.  She has large boning, full flowing coat which is soft and dense. With puffy whisker pads and broad cheeks, she has matured beautifully. She is a wonderful mother and so far has produced beautiful kittens. 



Brown Sepia, Silver Tortie and White  


Estee - Oct 2012

Valleycat Estee Lauder                    
Brown Sepia Tabby

Oh my.... what a little stunner she is. Estee has a wonderful sweet expression. She has great boning and lovely eye shape and set, good puffy whisker pads and lovely ear set. She is a real character, eats anything  bossing the rest of the household around!!


Estee has proved herself to be a purrfect mother!!




Ellie Jan 14


Cheham Eleanor

Ellie is a Brown Sepia Spotted Tabby and White and is such a sweetheart. She has the largest most expressive eyes and the softest of coats.  She has a wonderful temperament and is from a one off mating between Rivendell Rags Indian Sunset and Cheham Taran.


Ellie 2





 sissie jan 14

 Champion Cheham Truly Irresistable

Sissie is our beautiful Black & White girl,  a Libby offspring. She is just as her name suggests.......... TRULY IRRESISTABLE!! 

Huge boning, plush, dense coat, beautiful puffy whisker pads and large walnut eyes which give her the sweetest of expressions. She is a sweet natured girl who adores fuss and attention.

                          Cheham Truly Irresistible Jan 14


 Cheham Veri Berri Sundi

Sunni is a Brown Mink Tortie Tabby & White with the most striking of markings. She has a wonderful soft dense luxurious coat, fabulous ear set and large expressive eyes. She has large bone and lovely 'type'.  A little sweetheart who has a quiet placid temperament.



 Sunni Jan 2014    

 Cheham Oraiya

Oraiya is a Silver Mackeral Tabby and has a wonderful coat. She has the most beautiful Amber eyes, lovely profile and fabulous boning.