Kitten Gallery 2



Our 'Mysterious' Litter, - August  2011


  mystiques kittens aug11   Mystiques litter Aug 13 - 2011


Cheham Mystery Man -

Silver tabby boy Aug 13 - 2011    Silver tabby boy Aug 11

 Cheham Mysterious Girl - Silver Tabby & White,   

 Silver tabby girl Aug 11 Mysterious girl Aug 13 - 2011

Cheham Mystical Master  - 

   Magical Master Aug 13.2011   Blue tabby boy Aug 13th -2011

Cheham Mystic Meg   -


Mystic Meg - Aug 13 2011   

Cheham Marvelous Merlin, 

    brown tabby boy aug 11

  Cheham Silver Misteri - 

    Misteri Aug 11   




Same kitten...... nothing has changed then!!! lol

  Silver male sept 3rd

12 weeks old and ready to leave us in just a few days time.

 6 tabby kittens sept4th





Our 'Heaven' Litter  

These kittens were born 20th January and were almost three weeks old in the first set of photos.

Litter Feb 2011


Litter2 Feb 2011


litter3 Feb 2011


Colourpointed male feb 2100


litter3 feb 2011


Male Feb 2011


Five weeks old

  IMG_4270   IMG_4329

Cheham Cherubin 



Cheham Taran (meaning: Heavenly) 

 IMG_4293     celeste aug 2011

      Cheham Celeste ( meaning: Heavenly)       Thanks to Jane for sending us this photo of 'Ellie' taken Aug 2011



        Cheham Heaven Sent     


   Cheham FromHeaven WithLove


 The litter at almost 13 weeks old.

The last photos taken before they went off to their new homes.

We have been thrilled with this litter, our very first by Percy, and will be keeping Cherubin (aka Cheri) with us here as a future breeding queen. Taran will be going to live with Helen in Cornwall.


 Jills litter April 2011    

Jills litter -Last photo all together