Photo Gallery

Every Child should have a RagaMuffin!!! 
Our Grand Daughter Bella-Rose ( & Rapunsel :-))  playing with our kittens.
           Bella and Salem   Bella & kittens July 11
Our youngest grandaughter, Isla with Gabriel and Lulu when she was just 6 months old.
  isla and cats
 Photos of the first RagaMuffin kittens born in England
four kittens- Letties- Beau
kitten- Mirror                    kittens car
kittens chair
A collage of Beau & Letties kittens
Helen Collage
Buffy & Gabriel Jan 2010 - 2   A typical RagaMuffin position!! This photo of Storm, (Cheham Cool Operator),  
was sent to us by his owner Elaine Hattam.
Thanks so much, it is classic!!