The United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society

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  The United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society
Full members of the GCCF
The ONLY RagaMuffin Cat Society/Club in the UK,  full members of the GCCF and whose Registered Breeders agree to abide by the organisation's Constitution, Rules and Recommendations.
In May of 2008,  Allen and I became part of a small group of experienced breeders who decided to import the RagaMuffin Cat into the UK.  A breeder in Scotland was already in the process of bringing the breed in and we felt that if the breed were to be successful and protected, they would need to be recognised by the GCCF. 
The group had already served together on a Ragdoll breed club and knew just how hard it could be to achieve but, with a lot of hard work and determination, we felt we were up to the challenge. 
Our hard work has paid off and  the RagaMuffin name, complete with it's capital 'M' was approved by the GCCF Executive Committee  and from June 2009 our Muffins were able to be registered with the GCCF.  
In June of 2015, thanks to the efforts of the UKRMCS the RagaMuffin was granted FULL Championship Status by the GCCF and are now able to
compete against all other breeds at GCCF shows around the UK.
This is an enormous achievement in so short a time for both the breed and for those of us who worked so hard.
Our imported RagaMuffins are DNA tested for the known Ragdoll HCM gene & PKD as will all further cats that are registered, in accordance with the GCCF RagaMuffin Registration Policy which you will find on the United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society 's web site. 
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