Kitten availability

Kitten Availability  

Updated 20th May 2018

 shannon and percie


               Isla & Hugo  

 Above - Cheham kittens showing just how wonderful our RagaMuffin
kittens are with their young owners!


We do not hold waiting lists for our kittens.
Please do keep an eye on this page and on our Facebook Page Cheham RagaMuffins
Kittens expected in the coming weeks.





Our RagaMuffin Story by Susan Hall 

Testimonials from Adoptees of Cheham Offspring! 


                                      dont buy just because

We fully understand that people's circumstances can, and do, change and we are always
here to help in any way we can if
our kittens ever need to be rehomed throughout their entire life.




After breeding and living with the RagaMuffin for over 9 years now we have come to the following conclusion about the breed. If you are looking for a cat that is playful, loving,  in your face friendly with a zest for life, intelligent, inquisitive, extremely loyal and who wants to be your best friend, the RagaMuffin is the breed for you!! If however, you are looking for a placid, laid back cat that is happy to do nothing but lay around all day this may not the breed for you, as left alone for several hours a day, without either human or feline company and without simulation, the RagaMuffin can become ‘needy’ and obsessive with it’s owners.

If you e-mail us about kittens please give a little information about yourselves eg: where you are based and what sort of family life you have whether it is a busy noisy household with children or a very quiet home with just one or two adults. Sometimes a quiter kitten may not suit a busy home

PLEASE NOTE:   We are unwilling to let a single kitten go to a home where he/she will be alone all day. RagaMuffins are indoor cats and should never be allowed outside unattended.

Anyone who is interested in a Cheham  RagaMuffin on the GCCF active register,  should be a breeder member of the UKRMCS and agree to complete the required 2 year Probationary breeding period here in the UK.




Cheham RagaMuffin kittens will go to their new homes at around 13 weeks old. Before leaving they will be wormed, vaccinated, insured, registered with the G.C.C.F.  ( this paperwork is held back until veterinary confirmation of spaying/neutering ) and they will have had a full health check. They will also go with a fact sheet to ensure that all their needs are catered for.

All RagaMuffin kittens who go  as 'pets'  have a contract which must be signed to say they will be neutered at or before six months old. New owners are encouraged to stay in touch and we will always try and answer any queries or worries they may have. This is a lifetime commintement on our behalf.

We do not have a waiting list as such for kittens, but we do keep in contact ( via e-mail ) with those who make enquiries and are always happy to let them know what kittens we have available, The UKRMCS do hold a kitten list and members are given priority to kittens from the breeders on their list.
Please remember the RagaMuffin is still a rare breed in the USA so it is a very rare breed here in the UK so there maybe a long wait for certain colours.