About Cheham RagaMuffins

About Cheham RagaMuffins 
      Sharkie in forest                                                         
                    Cheham Sharkie:- Owned by Susan Sanger
Allen and I had been dedicated to the breeding and preservation of the Ragdoll breed since 1992.    In 2008, we noticed that there had been adverts in cat magazines and various online classifieds claiming that 'RagaMuffin' kittens were being produced at a low cost when if fact the kittens being born and sold, were nothing more than unauthorised Ragdoll outcrosses.  We also heard of breeders putting unregistered Ragdolls to Siberians and claiming that THOSE kittens are RagaMuffins too.


The RagaMuffin is a bona fide breed in itself and although still rare, is recognized by most Cat Registration bodies throughout the world. We are thrilled to have been part of the  foumdation breeders who have imported the vast majority of RagaMuffinscats being bred from today in the UK and who have worked so hard to promote and protect the breed.



By importing and promoting the ‘Authentic’  RagaMuffin in the UK, founding the UKRMCS, the ONLY recognised RagaMuffin Breed club in the UK, producing registration & breeding policies along with a Standard of Points and having sought recognition of the RagaMuffin name with the GCCF,  we felt that was the way forward to ensure that the Ragdoll and the RagaMuffin, although having a common ancestry, are in fact two separate and completely different breed of cat. 



We are captivated by the wide spectrum of the coat and eye colour that can be produced and along with that wonderful loving, 'in your face' temperament we hope that we can produce, in our opinion, the purrrrrfect feline.  

In June 2009, the GCCF  recognized the RagaMuffin name and breeders were able to register their 'Authentic' RagaMuffins for the first time in the UK. In June 2015 the breed achieved full Championship Status by the GCCF and are now a fully recognised breed in the UK. We are so very proud of this and thank everyone who has shown their beautiful cats in the years leading up to this. Without their dedication and support we could never have achieved this accolade in so short a time.


                                sharkie sept 13